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For those who are unable to climb stairs or have mobility problems, chairlifts for stairways with landings provide safe, comfortable, and reliable mobility solutions. A motorized chair is attached to the staircase that moves along a fixed track or rail.

Types of Chair lifts For Stairs

Chair lifts for stairs that have landings may have a platform, or a seat, that can rotate to accommodate landings as well as changes in the direction, or turns, in the stairs. To ensure safety, these lifts can also include safety sensors and seat belts. You should consider your specific needs when choosing the right chair lift for you. Consider your staircase’s length, width, and height.


Chair Lift That Turns

Some chairlifts designed for stairs with landings can accommodate curves and turns. These lifts have a rotating platform or chair that allows the user safely to turn at landings, or navigate in any direction. A chair lift should be specifically designed to fit your staircase’s requirements.

Curved Stairlifts for bends in staircase

Chair lifts can turn around landings. Some chair lifts include a rotating seat, or platform, which can turn at landings. This allows for the user’s safety to navigate changes in the direction the staircase is going. However, not all chairlifts have this feature. Make sure you select one that’s specifically made for your staircase. You should consult an expert in order to determine which chair lift is best for you.


Stair lift Installers on Split Level Stairs

You can use chair lifts on stairs with split levels. To make it easier for those with mobility issues, chair lifts are used on homes with split-level stairs. You should choose a chairlift that is designed specifically to fit split level stairs. A professional can help you determine the best chair lift solution to suit your needs.


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